Research and Development
In order to follow and carry out customers’ commercial and technical requirements in the products and services exactly, clearly and promptly, ATLAS Metal employed 17engineers at her production, quality control, design and sales lines. This engineering team has an excellent and proper talent combination for the business of ATLAS Metal. Two old senior engineers with over 30years working experiences in their metal processing job in the shop are as coxswain to guide and help the shop engineers to solve the complicated technical and engineering problems, and 9 energetic middle aged engineers stand on the workshops to supply daily engineering supervision and service to guarantee the quality meets. Two sales engineers with strong technical background and fluent English keep customers satisfied and high level communication, especially they are familiar with the international standards in the metal material and mechanical industries.
ATLAS Metal is capable of supplying customer a good solution on both engineering design and product development, thanks to her 3 young engineers with at least 5 years mechanical design practices and higher quality technical education and training to be widely and frequently applied the CAD system, such as, PRO-E, UG and CIMITRON, it is precondition to do ODM or OEM for customers in the world. At meantime, ATLAS Metal has good production equipment, which could give her designers a very strong supports to achieve a perfect model profile to guarantee the final product with a higher quality.


Founded in Jan., 1993
General Manager: Lou Yongping
Employee number.: 89 Engineers number: 6
Coverage building: 12000m2
Certificate: ISO9001 QA System
Address: No. 3 Beigan North Road, Xiaoshan District Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province 311200 China

Founded in Jan., 1997
General Manager: Tang Yongping
Employee number.: 45  Engineers number: 3
Coverage building: 10000m2
Certificate: ISO9001 QA System
Address: Datangwu, Jinhua Town, Xiaoshan District Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province 311253 China


Founded in July 1998
Manager: Yu Senmiao
Employee number.: 30 Engineers number: 5
Coverage building: 5000m2
Certificate: ISO9001 QA System
Address: No.1-3 Huachengbei Road, Xizhou Town Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province China



Metal stampings

Forming parts

Fabricating parts


Metal castings

Machining parts



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