Atlas Metal has a long standing, aggressive capital investment program that ensures our shops are outfitted with the equipment and tooling necessary to get the job done.
We have a complete inventory of metallizing equipment and precision machines to build moulds and tools. Some of our equipment has been custom-built to suit special processes we have developed over the years.
By insisting on first-class equipment and a wide range of equipment, we are able to deliver a first-class job to supply one solution service for our clients to cover stamping, forming, fabricating, welding, casting, forging, machining and final assembly so on.
Maim Equipment List :

Name and Spec. of Equipment Quantity
Shearing machine 6mm x2000mm capacity 1
Shearing machine 6mm x4000mm capacity CNC 1
Crimping machine 6mm x2500mm capacity? 1
Crimping machine 6mm x4000mm capacity CNC 1
Hydraulic press 315ton x 1.2m capacity four axis 1
Hydraulic press 100ton x 0.8m capacity four axis 3
Hydraulic drawing press 100ton x0.7m capacity six axis 1
Punching machine 5ton capacity? 18
Punching machine 10ton capacity 4
Punching machine 16ton capacity 9
Punching machine 25ton capacity 5
Punching machine 35ton capacity 13
Punching machine 63ton capacity 2
Punching machine 100ton capacity?? 3
Punching machine 160ton capacity 1
Three rolling machine 2mm x1600mm capacity 1
Four rolling machine 20mm x2500mm capacity 1
Horizontal internal broaching machine 8ton capacity 1


Metal stampings

Forming parts

Fabricating parts


Metal castings

Machining parts



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